Social Marketing

By changing human behaviour, which may involve doing something new, something differently or stopping doing something altogether, social marketing can make a real difference to people’s lives; making real, tangible and positive change.

The ethos of zevolution is all about making the world a better place. We have extensive experience in this field and enjoy the challenge of changing behaviour and improving people’s lives.

Social Marketing strategies don’t have to be hard or expensive. The key to effective social marketing is talking and listening to the people you are trying to reach – you need to understand your audience in order to reach out to them.

The right time to how you measure success is at the earliest part of the planning phase: by defining your outcome objectives. Knowing what you want to achieve is vital, but understanding how you’ll recognise achievement it is equally critical.

From climate change to public safety, from health issues to individual welfare, social marketing focuses on the benefits and needs of society, rather than trying to persuade people to buy something. Social marketing has a proven and positive track record.

To see how we can work together to make a real difference – talk to us.