Communicating is one of the most valuable assets to all of us. And we sometimes forget just how important it is. Whatever type of organisation, public, private, third sector – all need to have a respectable image and reputation. Today, with the media explosion and information being far easier to access, brand reputation management has gained even more importance. Therefore, corporate communications is of key importance.

Internal communications brings any workforce together, and brings its core philosophy and values to life. It can be as important as any external marketing and communications and, done poorly can be a risk to the brand image of the organisation. It is key to any social marketing programs, especially where staff are front-line key stakeholders.

We can work with you, utilising a range of marketing  and promotional techniques and creative and positive thinking, to help you to define your overall strategy, message and marketing implementation plans.

We can help you to outline:

  • what you seek to do and to achieve;
  • what product you are selling (product, service or message) and its unique selling points;
  • what is your product’s position in the competitive marketplace and your overall brand position;
  • what creative options will best the fit in promoting your product and define a “marketing mix” solution;
  • your communication and marketing strategy for key stakeholders both internal and external ;
  • your campaign strategy and brief;
  • your strategy for inclusion; making sure your information is are accessible to all.

To find out more – talk to us.